Ted's Special
by Charlie Mussoline

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Source: Unknown diner on Key Biscayne
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Food Group: Egg
Serves: 1


Make the Bernaise Sauce per package instructions. Toast English Muffin to desired degree. Place slices of Canadian Bacon in a fry pan and warm Fry one egg per serving to medium. Place a slice of the pepper jack chese on the toasted muffin. Place a two slices of warmed Canadian BAcon on top of the cheese. Place a slice of tomato on top of the Canadian Bacon, placed fried egg on top of the tomato. Ladle Bernaise Sauce over the top to taste. Grab a knife and a fork and enjoy!
Notes:This came out of a little long ago closed diner on Key Biscayne. They made it with ham. I changed it to Canadian Bacon and added the Bernaise Sauce. Never have seen anything like it in any restaurants anywhere.